Eine Brigade kreieren

So you want to create a brigade where you are?

First, check that there is no existing Brigade where you are. You can search for your city in the index here.

Can’t find one near you? Let’s form a People’s Solidarity Brigade!

You’ll need three things: a few comrades, commitment and common sense.

• Make sure you have a few friends to start your Brigade. The more you are, the more ground you’ll be able to cover. But don’t worry, Brigades tend to grow fast.

• Running a Brigade requires lots of energy. Once people in your neighbourhood or city will know about you, you will be solicited often. When creating a Brigade, you commit to pursuing its objectives in the long run.

• We respect strict health and ethical protocols. Don’t worry, once we get in touch, you will get a thorough briefing and written procedure guide. A Brigade is part of a big network. You’ll never walk alone.

Are you ready to start? Get in touch and tell us where you are. We can’t wait to have you with us!